House in the Death Zone

“Tis the season for light painting, Milky Way images and fun with night photography. A friend and I went to Horseshoe Lake to shoot Milky Way images last night. Horseshoe Lake has a large area of dead trees which were killed by CO2 gas emitting from the soil. I politely call it the ‘death zone’ for the danger it potentially presents (as is noted on signs throughout the area). I like shooting the eerie snags silhouetted against the night sky. Conditions were a bit windy and soft clouds hid the Milky Way. In the spirit of adventure we tried a few images which revealed colorful light reflecting in the clouds from the town below! We pulled out the LED flashlights and began painting the scene. All the color in this image is from our light sources or nature. No Photoshop coloration tweaks. This particular image is a single exposure as well.