McGee Canyon Flowers

The alarm goes of at 4:30am. I forgot how early sunrise is in June, and I drag myself out of bed. It’s a bit blustery in Mammoth: wind and clouds. But it’s clear to the east and that’s enough to get me excited. A latte and Cheerios and off on one of the  best shoots this year. Dawn at the Alkali Ponds revels the setting moon. Ha, I didn’t even remember. Two days after the ‘super moon’ – of course she’s there, slowly drifting toward the horizon at sunrise.  But that’s a different image. Now it’s noon. Who’s out shooting at noon? Me, refusing to give up after a great morning. I parked at the McGee Creek trail head and looked for color. The wind was blowing and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to shoot flowers in the wind. I leave the gear in the car, grab the iPhone and start up the side of the hill to take in the view. Each step reveled more and more tiny yellow and orange flowers! The farther up the hill, the larger the flower bunches. Soon I was up a couple  hundred vertical – with only the iPhone. @!&#! Back to the car, grab the gear and hike back up. The flowers were slightly behind a ridge and the wind would stop just enough to click the shutter. Drifting clouds created dancing shadows and I enjoy Mother Nature’s matinee.