Sand Tufa

It has been 15 years since I visited these fantastic spires. Their unique shapes: lacy, spindly, abstract and bizarre,  are very intriguing at least. The last time I visited, I was shooting medium format film. Nothing more than a slightly wide-angle lens. I recall struggling with the tripod, trying to focus with the ground glass and calculating depth of field presenting more of a challenge than composition. I always wanted to go back and explore.

This day was all about composition. Wielding either the 20mm wide-angle or the 60mm macro, I crawled around viewing each form from the mouse-eye-view. The towering shapes reminded me of the 1970’s YES album covers by Roger Dean or perhaps the fantastic world of Pandora in Avatar. Perhaps this location was an inspiration of both. The challenge of  shoot at this location is what not to include. The possibilities are almost over whelming with groups of trippy spires in all directions. This is just one favorite from the afternoon.